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Meet Robidio, the virtuoso of afro house music, whose magnetic beats have echoed through the vibrant scenes of Fairfield County and prestigious venues in NYC. Hailing from Stamford, CT, Robidio immersed himself in the world of afro house music, quickly becoming a local sensation. His residency at Tequila Escape became synonymous with unforgettable nights of Afro House beats. Robidio's talent transcended, earning him a coveted spot among the elite DJs at iconic NYC venues like Knockdown Center, Hotel Chantelle, Superior Ingredients & more. His signature genre and beats creates an irresistible atmosphere that captivates audiences, making him a true luminary in the genre. Stay connected with Robidio on Instagram @ROBIDIOF90, explore his sets on SoundCloud @ROBIDIOF90, and check out “Sierra Leone” streaming on all platforms. With each performance, Robidio invites you to embark on a rhythmic journey, solidifying his place with the ever-evolving landscape of Afro House music.

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